Nitrogen Sealed Cans

We use an innovative nitrogen sealing process to lock in freshness for YEARS.   When you open it, like a time machine, it smells fresh like the day it went in.  Wine cellars?  Try cannabis cellars.  How about sampling a nice nug from the 2015 Reserve collection, just as fresh as when it when in?  Welcome to the fresh-flower revolution!

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Cold Cured, Pesticide Free

Health is important to us.  Quality cultivation is paramount in providing a top-grade flower product that's worth sealing up and preserving the freshness for that full-impact flavor and scent from our unique terpene profiles that you'll never forget.

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From California's Best Cannabis Region

Contrary to popular belief, wine and cannabis can prefer some similar and some different conditions for optimal growth.  However, the finest growing regions are right here in the greatest state - California.

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Unique Process, Unique Terpene Flavor

Nitrogen Sealed

Pesticide Free

Premier Growing Regions

Sourced from Select Family-Owned Regional Farms

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unforgettably fresh

Are you ready to add the freshest flower your customers have ever smelled to your catalog?  Contact us today to learn more.